Quality Teacher Education Act - Impact Awards

Impact Awards - Background

The Quality Teacher and Education Act (QTEA), Proposition A of 2008, called for support for and recognition of schools modeling effective strategies and schools showing the most growth in student achievement. As part of this effort, SFUSD worked with UESF to establish the Impact and Innovation Awards. 

Now in it’s 8th year of implementation, the Impact Awards aim to support schools’ expansion of strategies that have accelerated student achievement and to develop ones to close persistent gaps. The Impact Awards recognize schools implementing effective practices that are demonstrated to move our students toward achieving competencies outlined in SFUSD’s Vision 2025 Graduate Profile.


Applications for the 23-24 Impact Awards will be posted here in August 2023

Assemble a site team that includes the site principal, the UBC representative, and 1 or more teachers. The team may also wish to include other community or connected family members.

Have your team develop a concept that will apply grant funding in a manner designed to improve circumstances for students.

Ensure that the project can be successfully implemented with a maximum funding of $25,000.

Prepare your project, the implementation plan and budget and submit using this Google Form for your submission by September 16th, 2022.

Any member of a school community may help preparing the application; however:

(1) the application must be submitted by the school administration.

(2) the submission should also include a signed letter from the UBC.

Please use this link to access prior year's application.


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