YouTube iconWhat is YouTube? YouTube is a platform for sharing and watching videos. Staff can also upload videos to YouTube.

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YouTube tips & tricks

YouTube's resources for teachers

Who can use Youtube?

YouTube access & permissions

SFUSD staff and students can watch videos on YouTube, and a student's ability to watch specific videos depends on the device and wi-fi network the student is using. District-managed devices and wi-fi networks have more restrictions in place than personal devices and personal networks.

Only SFUSD staff can upload videos to YouTube. As of September 2021, Google does not allow student accounts to upload videos to YouTube, but student videos can still be uploaded to Google Drive and/or submitted via Google Classroom.

Deeper Learning has 4 core instructional priorities

Person looking at some images and text while thinking Inquiry

The thinking and questioning of students is the focal point. Students build connections to prior learning and experiences, and are independent learners who make their thinking visible.

Three students working together Collaboration

Students interact in meaningful ways through conversation, or participation in collaborative structures. The educator serves as facilitator and a collectivist or communal approach is used. 

Three people linked with a dotted line to an image of a book Equitable Access & Demand

Curricula is designed and instruction is delivered to ensure access for all and cognitive demand for “each and every” student, supporting independence, not dependence.

Two people talking or communicating Assessment for Learning

Students are provided with time, space and support to set goals, assess learning, track progress and present their growth. Students are seen as co-designers of their assessment, owning and sharing their learning.

To learn more about Deeper Learning in SFUSD, visit the Deeper Learning Towards the Graduate Profile website.

Equitable Access & Demand

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Approving videos for students to watch
YT videos in Forms, Slides, Classroom

Assessment for Learning

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Video projects

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