John Muir Elementary School 2016-2017 Innovation Awards

The Design Challenge

How might we create systems of support, communication, and personalized services in order to help teachers enhance relationships with our most vulnerable families.

John Muir Elementary School will use an Innovation Award in 2016-17 to create systems of support, communication and personalized services to enhance partnerships between teachers and families.


John Muir Elementary School currently has a core group of family volunteers who participate regularly in leadership and volunteer opportunities. However, the school would like to expand this participation to a wider network of families by supporting families to be advocates for their students and by demonstrating feelings of value and respect when they visit the school. Community meetings held last year revealed that families want more communication and partnerships with classroom teachers, especially regarding academics. Additionally, the school would like to better support the teachers to be good listeners and to provide multiple opportunities for teachers to interact with families in order to foster valuable relationships.

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