Google Sheets permissions & access

Access & Permissions

All staff and students in SFUSD have access to create, edit, & share Google Sheets.

If you have any questions, please submit a Help Desk ticket. 

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Learn more about Sheets

Google Sheets iconGet some ideas, inspiration, and support with Google Sheets. Check out resources from SFUSD, from Google, and from other educators.

You can access Google Sheets from:

SFUSD's resources

  • Getting started (coming soon)

  • Common functions & formulas in Sheets

  • Using Sheets with students: Spreadsheets may seem intimidating, but many jobs require employees to be comfortable working with data or information in a spreadsheet, making them a heavily desirable digital skill. While they can solve complex calculations, analyze data for patterns, and create visual representations of data (charts), they are also basically a giant table! Show your students that spreadsheets aren't scary by using them in class for both mathematical and non-mathematical activities.

Resources made by Google

Resources from other educators (external)